Frequent questions

If your question is not included between these, send an email to:
The set of experiences that people can make with prepared food (Restaurant) or product/distributed (Ristoprovider).
Registration is done only through an e-mail invitation from another user of the Forchettour Community.
In the "Registration" section you can search for a user and you can ask him to send you an invitation.
The subscription to Forchettour is always free both for Users, both for Restaurants and for Ristoproviders.
Forchettour is a platform developed to combine the verticality of the acquisition of searched information and the horizontality of the social interaction with all the other types of users. The functions available are varied and of concrete interest.
The level of interaction is the same for Users, for Restaurants and for Ristoproviders.
In Forchettour you interact with other users through the Food Passion Experience, through ForchettouBlog, through chat.
it is a platform made up of all the Food Houses of all registered users who interact with each other through an instant communication interface.
You can access Forchettour from all devices connected to the internet (responsive platform).
To access Forchettour, you simply need an account.
Inside the platform you can find your "Box" in which to save all the material of your interest without taking up space in your device.
Forchettour is not an e-commerce. Forchettour performs a service to provide information to users (entered by other users) who then decide independently to buy or not products at the community activities. Forchettour does not receive fees for the mediation of purchases made by users.
Forchettour reserve of food benefits accessible to all users. In this regard, more detailed information can be found in the "Status" section in your account.
Is it exclusively about food benefits?.
The mode of payment of benefits is linked to the type of benefits acquired (there are several types). The correctness of the data entered in your profile is fundamental for the regular payment of benefits. In this regard, more detailed information can be found in the "Status" section in your account.
The status of receipt of benefits can be viewed through the sections dedicated to the respective benefits in their account.
Forchettour allows you to insert text content, photos, links after accepting the terms and conditions of use of the platform.
Forchettour, as required by the terms and conditions of use, declines all responsibility for any omissions and / or inaccuracies that may be found in the contents published on this platform, offering in fact a free space to the commercial activities to promote their own dishes/products. There is, however, a state of "verification" (<< verified activity >>) of "existing" activities, ascertained by the Forchettour staff that allows users to attribute to the information (related to the verified activity) a greater degree of reliability.
Forchettour ascertains as "verified activity" an activity that actually exists (while continuing to decline all responsibility for the failure to update their photo-menus, the omissions and/or inaccuracies that may be found in the contents of the aforementioned activities) and invites, therefore, to consider the information taken from the pages of <> of less reliability.
Forchettour takes the aspect of the truthfulness of the information on the platform very seriously, focusing on timely updating of content, rewarding the professionalism of operators who act in their own interest and encouraging the seriousness of corporate communication.
Users can contribute to the process of verifying an activity through a report.
Send an email with the name of the business (not yet verified on the platform), with complete address and any other useful information to:
Forchettour is already operational in 9 languages ​​and the update for the others is being implemented.
Forchettour, very attentive to the sensitivity of the places in the world in which it operates, has developed a relative standardization of processes and benefits to give all users a gratification in the use of the similar platform.
To find out the value of your benefits abroad, you can visit the relevant sections in your account by choosing the country of interest.